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Although many of the recipes here are quite simple I may have assumed a lot of knowledge on others. Feel free to tell me if I should be adding more information.

When I cook I tend to make it up as I go along most of the time – I encourage you to take some liberties with the recipes methods and ingredients.

Most of the food I have been cooking lately has been for my kids to eat which means it will probably not be as spicy as the things I would cook for myself. I will make an effort to include some of the more interesting stuff 😀

I will be adding a kids category which may turn out to be a simple list of links to the foods that are designed with kids in mind – we will see what happens with this as I am still thinking about the best way to format things on the site.

On the much discussed Brussel and its relation to Bok Choy
Despite some arguments I have had in the past, brussel sprouts are not related to bok choy – they have different languages and gangs of them have been known to rumble if you put them on the same shelf without some Seville oranges or loose celery to keep them entertained.

It is said that eating oysters is like having angels copulate on your tongue. I put it to you that if you had supernatural beings locked in coital combat in your mouth, the only heavenly feeling you would get would be from the morphine the paramedics would be sure to administer.

Damien’s notes;
Food Diary with new recipes from my kitchen,
“Food for People Who Love to Eat to Avoid Starvation”;
“Way Too Cynical Man’s Guide to Cooking”

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