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Tallulah Classic 2007

This is the course we set up for the 2007 trophy contest croquette.

From top to bottom;
Chicane leading towards the evil ring of clone balls (hollow plastic but convincing and tricky in the low light);

Tunnel hole with track leading through the gazebo;

Hoop of FIRE jumping no less than 8 cars;

Quinn looking impressed and a little in awe of aforementioned hoop;

The Gong Hole (ring the gong or try again);

Around the rock – guarded by a frightening sri lankan we had imported for the occasion;

The Jelly Hole before (with a brief intermission for cocktails and baby photo’s) and after the removal of the supporting freezer container…

There were more obstacles but no photo’s to show unfortunately – once people arrived it got a bit silly.

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