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Spinach dal (palak dal)

2 medium onions
900ml water
225g red lentils
½ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp salt
5 cloves garlic
100g fresh spinach, chopped
4 tbsp oil
3 tbsp soured cream
¼ tsp finely chopped ginger
3 teaspoons hara masala

Chop one of the onions and slice the other. Combine the water, lentils, chopped onion, ground ginger, salt and one clove of crushed garlic and bring to boil.Simmer until the lentils are fully cooked.

Add the spinach and cook for a further 15 minutes. Slice the remaining garlic and fry in oil with the onion. Pour mixture over the dal and cook for a few minutes. Serve with sour cream, root ginger and hara masala.

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