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Damien’s Random and Vaguely Planed Birthday Party!

Once again the cold has set in and that means it is time to light a fire and try to avoid the subject of my getting older as we drink ourselves silly by the light of a full moon.

The Party will be on the 16th of August and starts between 6 and 7, food will be entrees only (bring a plate if you feel inspired). I will be making some fresh Chicken Liver Pate and some other random food and there will also be Illusions on tap.

We were going to make it a cocktail night but it is a nightmare to organise people to bring the right mixers – and it always ends up with people drinking awful green or blue coloured concoctions at 3 in the morning. So BYO whatever you feel like drinking (if it isn’t Illusion Very Happy).

Croquette may be on the cards depending on weather conditions, general mood, if I can be assed setting up the Hoop of Fire and if I can bribe Sebastian into telling me where he stashed all the brightly coloured balls.

Since Cathy wants to come dressed as a Lobster Bisque (entree sized I assume) it will have to be a costume party too – the good news is that due to the shortish notice we are offering a platter of themes to make things easier;

1) Dress as your favourite cocktail or entree,
2) Come dressed as the lovechild of your favourite two communist dictators,
3) Russian Penguin party – byo ice cubes (can be merged with theme two if you are feeling particularly esoteric),
4) Kermit the Frog party,
5) Evil Villain party,
5) Schoolgirl and Garry Glitter party,


6) Come dressed in formal gear if you run out of time Smile

The costumes are also there to give me something to light with my newly built Second Generation Dodgy Theater Lights™.

So, decide what sort of party you are attending and come equipped accordingly.

Anyone unable to attend the party needs to email me in advance so I can photo-shop them into the photos. A small fee or pony may apply.

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