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Bickies on Cheese

When cheese on biscuits gets a bit old, sometimes it is a good thing to mix it up a bit. Thank you Tallulah for bringing the world Bickies on Cheese 😀

Tallulah’s Song

She was singing this to herself while doing some colouring in at the table – I had to write it down 😀

on a stormy night it’s a stormy night
and you can’t go outside on a stormy night
and if you go outside
your drawing might be blown away
and your baby will be blown away up in the sky
and it will be scary
and thats why you shouldn’t draw a stormy night
scary scary scary (scary scary)
it’s so scary on a stormy night
you might get trapped you might get scared
or you might get something blown in your mouth
or up your nose
and you will need a dooooctoooor


My birthday is coming up soon and it is possible people are scrambling for that last minute present.

To make it easier for everyone I have decided I want one of those Star Wars waste crushers – not in gunmetal grey though – i would prefer it in a sky blue or maybe a white and blue Wedgwood pattern.

It would look great next to the gazebo and would probably count as a water feature for the house’s feng sui.