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Toasted Fish Finger Sandwiches

The secret here is variety. Some of my all time favourites are; peanut butter and cheese, salad and mayonnaise, cranberry and avocado or seeded mustard, bacon and asparagus.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

I tried a deep fried, battered fish finger sandwich the other day and, whilst it tasted like roadkill, I did not lose heart. I would love a job in experimental cooking one of these days – I have some theories about the taste of chicken slowing down as it approaches the speed of light, which I would like to test out. Funding for the 10km article accelerator is in the works, so it is just a matter of time before I can study the high frequency radiation that streams off a good Vindaloo when it collides with a high speed Pappadum moving in the opposite direction.

Last Food in the Fridge Stew

This is an old recipe I scribbled down when I was living in a share house…

1 Shriveled Carrot
1/2 an onion
1 clove of garlic
The equivalent of 3 cloves of garlic in dried and mushed form
The dregs of 3 different types of pasta
1 tin of tomato
3 tomato ends
Soy sauce
A bunch of sausages from the freezer, courtesy the Dept. of Power and Water random outage
Dried basil, oregano and chille
Salt and pepper to taste
1 measure of Intestinal Fortitude
1 1/2 portions of Sense of Humor

After glaring at your flatmate for forgetting to buy any vegetables, straighten the carrot out as best as possible and peel away the black bits. Soak in cold water for a few minutes to give the carrot some backbone, then slice it and the onion, being sure to avoid any parts that are too mushy.

Fry them in oil until brown. Add the sausages and a splash of soy. When the sausages are well browned, slice them into bite sized bits and add everything else to a large pot.

Simmer like you’ve never simmered before, until everything has joined in union with everything else.

Serve with alcohol and SBS TV.

Damien’s Special Napoli Pasta Thingy

Fry 1 large onion and 3 cloves garlic in a portion of The Often Forgotten Garlic and Dill Compact Butter.

Add 800g tinned tomatoes and 1 bunch of basil (you can use The Basil That Time Forgot in the very back of your fridge, providing it has not evolved).

Kitchen rule – if it talks back, call somebody.

Add 1 cup of water, dried herbs and whatever vegetables you can scrounge. Stew for at least an hour. Season and serve with pasta.