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A Very Groovy Adventure part 4

Conclusion to be written.

Magical items can be found anywhere you wish to place them – most are fairly pointless but all should be given out at some point.

Magical Items
Rolf’s Wobble Board
When played, sends out waves of pure boredom that causes the victims in a 10 meter cone to save vs’s paralysis or be immobilized by shock for D6 turns. thereafter, a hit means D8 boredom damage.

Anti Duck Sphere
This is an amber crystal sphere which, when activated with the correct word, repels ducks. The word is ‘Peking’.

The Most Impressive Gnomish Hammer of Mass Destruction
Don’t bother. Doesn’t work.

The Blundstone Boots of Grip
These boots will grip even a 90 degree surface.

Girdle of the Winter Bear
This cursed item causes the wearer to eat heavily then fall into a deep sleep and hibernate until the belt is removed. The player may be roused, but it is difficult and he will seek to return to sleep as soon as possible. -2 on all rolls whilst awake.

Gnomish Crystal Ball
Used by illusionists to monitor a space no more than 15 meters away. Unfortunately, these things are likely to also pick up advertising commercials at in opportune times. This is not affected by the total lack of broadcasting stations in this particular era. This is where the players will first learn about doom chickens. There will be a Demtel style add on, telling them abut the amazing properties of the Mixmaster Chicken.

The Ugly Stick
This takes D4 points off the charisma of a character every time they are hit. The effects last for D6 days.

The Amulet of Literal Action
Causes the players every action to happen just as the players words suggest.

The Cookie Tin of Wanting
All items placed in the tin become items of desire and will be jealously guarded by the player

Groovy Pointy Stick of Wicked Stabbing and Thumping
+ 2 to all hits

Amulet of the Inconspicuous Shrub
3 times a day, the player may elect to blend into an inconspicuous shrub

The Oracle (Magical 8 Ball)
1- You will find true love
2- Go west young man
3- Death is the only escape
4- You know the answer already
5- No
6- Yes
7- Maybe
8- Who wants to know
9- The king is a fink – pass it on
10- (A concise answer about the situation, written so small the player will have to find a tricky way to read it)

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