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I have had some people hassle me about how hard this site is to navigate so I will be tweaking it to make things easier over the next few days I will be leaving it exactly how it is and let people fend for themselves mostly. If you get confused please email  WordPress, the people who coded the blog software, and remember to include the words ‘Get Bent’ in the topic for making their software so goddamn convoluted to edit.

The  ‘Far Too White’ theme caused by a networking difficulty between WordPress 2.6 and Baby 4.0 has now been corrected.

Quick Links;
Family pictures.
Thoughts and updates.
Random bits of writing.


I am usually in the process of procrastinating about adding new content so feel free to browse the recipes while I am off making a long progression of coffees and moving kids toys about the house in an arbitrary kind of way. If there is anything you want to see here, I take requests.

Commenting – please sign up to add comments – in fact, sign up anyway as it makes me makes me feel warm and fuzzy and would inspire me to write more crap for people to skim over before heading off to scroll through more pictures of cats with highly amusing and original captions edited in.

Avatars – when you write a comment, scroll down and choose your the one you want. Feel free to email me any you want to use or direct me to a better addon for doing this 😀

Waffle – Lots of it. For those unfamiliar with listening to me waffle on; while I am quite shy face to face, give me a dark cupboard and a bucket of coffee and it can be hard to make me stop writing.

I also have a collection of unpaid tickets issued by the Microsoft Paperclip for abusing language – extending sentences well past the legal length and inventing stylie new words 😀

While this website may help answer some of Life’s Conundrums like “Why doesn’t my cat like coffee” and “Did we really need the 80’s”, the biggest questions will have to remain unanswered; “Why does Facebook say I used to be Joan of Arc in a past life (and does this explain my 3 great loves – pissing people off, setting things on fire and paper mache?)” and “Just where does that trailer go when Optimus Prime transforms (sorry but yes, that is a gun in his pocket)”.

I have applied for the Charles Atlas Seal of Approval for the site but apparently it will take at least 7 days to process my request.

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