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My birthday is coming up soon and it is possible people are scrambling for that last minute present.

To make it easier for everyone I have decided I want one of those Star Wars waste crushers – not in gunmetal grey though – i would prefer it in a sky blue or maybe a white and blue Wedgwood pattern.

It would look great next to the gazebo and would probably count as a water feature for the house’s feng sui.


  • sassycashew says:

    You may be overreaching the boundaries of friendship there…mind you it’d take a hell of alot less upkeep than the pony you want!
    Would you be happy if I just ran over to the shops and stole one of their box crusher machines – once painted it could be almost as good as the one from Star Wars. Right? 🙂

  • Damien says:

    If you are taking that angle you may have to paper mache me a wookie as well – these things just don’t work without a wookie…

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