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Bassie and the Fishes

Sebastian is going through a fish phase right now. Anything aquatic gets carried about in his pockets, taken to bed and generally collected and sorted.

For many weeks he has been eying off a pool toy shark at Kmart and the other day I decided to get it for him (he had been very good that morning).

He was a bit disappointed when I first opened the box as it just contained a flat grey bit of plastic. Then re realised it was shark shaped. And then he saw that it could be inflated and got extremely excited.

He has been dragging it about for days now and gets me to tuck it into bed with him sometimes – Quinn thinks it is the scariest thing ever so I have to take special care to keep them separate – luckily Bastian is more than happy to keep the shark to himself and feed it in another room 😛

The last two photos are of Sebastian in his fish costume at school.

May/June 2008

May 2008

Mother’s Day 2008

Assorted 2008

Tallulah Classic 2007

This is the course we set up for the 2007 trophy contest croquette.

From top to bottom;
Chicane leading towards the evil ring of clone balls (hollow plastic but convincing and tricky in the low light);

Tunnel hole with track leading through the gazebo;

Hoop of FIRE jumping no less than 8 cars;

Quinn looking impressed and a little in awe of aforementioned hoop;

The Gong Hole (ring the gong or try again);

Around the rock – guarded by a frightening sri lankan we had imported for the occasion;

The Jelly Hole before (with a brief intermission for cocktails and baby photo’s) and after the removal of the supporting freezer container…

There were more obstacles but no photo’s to show unfortunately – once people arrived it got a bit silly.

December 2007

September 2007

August 2007

March 2007

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